Things You Didn’t Know About Battle Creek

battle creek

Battle Creek is an American drama television show that premiered in March of 2015. CBS green lighted the show from the creator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan. After the series finale of Breaking Bad, Gilligan began immediately working on his next television drama. The show’s namesake is a city in Michigan, where the show’s story is based. The story follows an unlikely pair of partners; a police detective named Russ Agnew, played by Dean Winters, and an FBI Special Agent named Milton Chamberlain, played by Josh Duhamel.

The show’s interesting dynamic focuses around the underdog police detective, coming from an under-budgeted police department, and a too-perfect-to-be-real golden boy FBI Agent. The two are an unlikely pair, but they need one another in order to survive the wave of crime that has flooded the streets of Battle Creek. But their differences are what make their partnership all the more entertaining. battle-creek-image

Agnew and Chamberlain have two different—if not polar opposite—views on the world, crime solving, law enforcement and life in general. Special Agent Chamberlain is all sunshine and rainbows, adamantly believing in the goodness of humanity, while Detective Agnew is the aged cynic disgusted with the world and people in general.  This dynamic is purposeful and deliberate, aimed at challenging the idea of buddy cop shows and the effortlessness of the friendship that sprouts between them. In Battle Creek, no such warm feelings come from these agents, who are stubborn and stuck in their ways, each for the own personal reasons. This dynamic makes for a show that constantly puts these two officers at odds with one another, very unlike buddy cop shows in the past.

Seeming to have a sort of “identity crisis,” it’s unclear if Battle Creek is meant to be a comedy about two mismatched cops, or is a linear story about the daily lives of law enforcement agencies and their agents? While the series seems to go back forth a bit, mixing in both comedy and drama, the show seems rather stable, forcing the audience to be just as engaged in the nonsense episodes as they are in the more serious episodes.

This mixing of light humor and dark humor is what makes Battle Creek an interesting show. Stemming from the show’s producers, Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad) and David Shore (House) this delightful mixture is what their previous shows as entertaining and interesting as they were during their airings. The characters presented in Battle Creek are more than what they present themselves as, having deeper, real-life struggles that are unique to their situation and their lives. That said, there’s also this feeling of brotherhood between these two agents, despite their obvious disliking of one another. They’re not buddy cops in the traditional sense, but their constant challenging of one another is what constantly pushes them forward to clean up the messy streets of their city.


To some, Battle Creek may not seem to be breaking any new ground in the realm of television, but it’s a challengingly fresh look at buddy cop shows, one that’s both convincing and genuine in its storytelling and characters. It’s witty and funny, and doesn’t take itself too seriously, finding time to parody Breaking Bad in the second episode. In that regard, it’s well worth the watch. You can find more TV & web entertainment options over here

A Guide to Josh Grogan’s “Marley” Books


Josh Grogan is best known as the journalist who penned the original bestselling Marley & Me memoir, which inspired a motion picture by the same name; a potential television series based on the characters is also currently in the works from NBC. Although it is his most popular work do ate, Grogan’s literary Marley career didn’t end with the film or even the original book—Grogan has penned a series of “Marley” books aimed at younger readers. The book series is fairly popular, although its sales and awards have not yet achieved the same breakout success as the original memoir. The following is a brief guide to Josh Grogan’s “Marley” books.

marley-and-me-image2Marley: A Dog Like No Other
The original Marley and Me (2008) memoir was written with an older audience in mind, as it contains references to some adult situations and concepts. Marley: A Dog Like No Other is Grogan’s adaptation of his original memoir, which was written to be appropriate for younger viewers. The adaptation removes references to certain violent and adult situations that are present in the original novel, and focuses much more on Marley rather than on the Grogan family as a whole.

‘Marley!’ Picture Books
The ‘Marley!” picture books are a book series intended for younger readers. The picture book series is very loosely based on Grogan’s original memoir and some of the stories are based on real-life Marley antics; but they mostly contain new stories which are intended to engage  younger readers. The picture book series includes the following books:

Bad Dog, Marley; A Very Marley Christmas; Marley Goes to School; Marley Steals the Show; Sit, Marley, Sit; Marley and the Kittens; Christmas is Coming, Marley; Marley Looks for Love; Marley Springs Ahead; Marley, Thanks Mom and Dad; Trick or Treat, Marley; and Marley and the Great Easter Egg Hunt.

‘Marley’ I Can Read Books
The ‘Marley” I Can Read books are were written with slightly older readers in mind compared to the picture book series, and contain a larger vocabulary and more complicated stories than Grogan’s Marley picture books. The books in the ‘Marley’ I Can Read book series are:

Marley and the Runaway Pumpkin; Snow Dog Marley; Marley, Farm Dog; Marley, Messy Dog; and Marley Learns a Lesson.

Grogan has also published several Marley activity books, including a coloring book and an activity book filled with Marley stickers.



Once Upon a Time and Fractured Fairy Tales

The popularity of Once Upon a Time may come as a surprise to some TV critics, who predicated the show would fail, to television viewers, Once Upon a Time’s success is just another home run for fractured fairy tales.


Fractured fairy tales, if you haven’t heard of the term, refers to fairy tales with some kind of twist that “fractures” the story. These twists ‘fracture’ the story by telling it in a different way than what is normally expected. A fractured version of Snow White might tell the story from the Evil Queen’s now-sympathetic point of view—or, to use Once Upon a Time as an example—take the seemingly sweet, innocent character of Snow White and have her become a forest bandit.


The reason for the popularity of fractured fairy tales might just lie with our perpetual fascination with fairy tales in general. Many children are exposed to the “classics” when they are young—usually as storybooks—and for many people; the fascination does not necessarily end with puberty. Fractured fairy tales are especially popular in the middle grade and young adult literature scenes, where once again seemingly innocent or sweet storylines are turned darker, edgier and even sexier.

Speculation could be made that more adult fractured fairy tales, like the ‘fractures’ found in Once Upon a Time, allow older children and adults to enjoy the story of fairy tales without feeling guilty or embarrassed for having done so. Although many of the original fairy tales found in countless anthologies contain gruesome imagery (Cinderella’s stepsisters getting their eyes plucked out, anyone?) most people have a sanitized view of them that puts them forever in the “childhood” market. Fractured versions take them out of the realm of kiddy material and make them seem more age appropriate.

What a show like Once Upon a Time may do, then, is create a more adult fractured fairy tale that lets viewers enjoy the true love aspect of Prince Charming and Snow White’s love that harkens back to the storybook s they adored as children—while also rooting for Snow White when she decides to raise an army against the queen and kick some fairy tale butt.


Find more information here. Of course, many people simply love fairy tales without guilt or hesitation, and their enjoyment of Once Upon a Time is another extension of that love—fractured or not.

The A-Team TV Series

A TeamIf there was ever a show that followed a formula until it wore it down into infinity, it was The A-Team.  I liked the show for a long time but once you sit down and watch episode after episode, it’s like, really?  This is happening again?  We did this last episode.  Yeah, it’s fun and all but can we grow a little bit, can we become a little wiser or different or more mature?

I suppose a show like The A-Team, where a former crack commando team wrongly accused of a crime go on the run and help people in need, appeals to the stupid young man in all of us.  This is not a show that appeals to women.  Not at all.  You’ve got four men, all former military, working together to fight crime and save the innocent, all the while shooting up anything that moves and winking at hot girls, many of which just happen to be the victims they are saving.

Yeah, a lot of macho guy stuff going on here.  Which is great for a while.  I love seeing Murdoch, the crazy tech guy, arguing with B.A. Baracus, played with reckless energy by Mr. T, who is the team’s mechanic and muscle.  Faceman was the guy that could go undercover, swindle the ladies into anything, and also drive a pretty wicked corvette.the-a-team-image the-a-team-image2

They were led by Colonel Hannibal Smith, played by the character actor George Peppard.  They all worked well together and had strange character traits.  Murdock was crazy and lived in a military insane asylum and much of the early plots revolved around the rest of the guys busting him out so they go do their thing.  And B. A. was deathly afraid of flying.

But you can only do this so much.  Each episode begins to get repetitive after forty or so missions.  It was a one trick pony.  You know they are going bust Murdock out, B. A. will refused to get on the plane but they drug him, they will build something to defeat the bad guys, usually having to do with their van, etc.

It’s great entertainment for while at least.  Sign up with AT&T U-verse TV to watch the old reruns of the A-Team.

Cable TV HDTV Bundle Deals

The manner in which we receive television subscriptions have changed within the last several years.  For instance, bundled cable packages are becoming increasingly popular within the United States.  These bundled packages include television, telephone and internet services all in one.  This package deal can save a family hundreds of dollars every year when compared to other companies.  With the economical hardships that are facing many Americans today, bundled cable packages are quite affordable. Check availability in your area at

Nearly everyone, including all members of the family, needs to access the internet for several reasons throughout the day.  Some include online banking, music streaming, playing games, or maybe just to do some online shopping.  Whatever the case may be, you will want a reliable high speed internet connection.  Besides reliability, our broadband internet connection can be characterized as blazingly fast.  You can surf the web at speeds of up to 16Mbps.  Furthermore, anti-virus software as well as security is also included with your subscription.

Not only should you expect to achieve a dependable internet connection, you can also expect to have the most crystal clear digital voice telephone as well.  Included are several features such as voice mail, caller ID and unlimited local and long distance.  This will enable you to stay in touch with friends and family both locally as well as long-distance equally.  No more waiting until the next holiday to catch-up with the out-of-state relatives.

In addition, you can also look forward to receiving the highest quality HDTV (high definition television) possible.  Service providers are offering DVR (digital video recorder) along with the service as well.  DVR gives you the greatest control when watching your favorite television shows in that you are able to play, pause or fast forward whenever necessary.  If you wish to get up for a bowl of popcorn and do not want to wait for a commercial, simply pause your program and resume it once you are ready.   Most consumers who have taken advantage of this option seem to enjoy it very much.  Check out your options right here.

Along with the DVR, you are promised to have clear television channels, both local and digital alike.  You will receive a vast amount of channels to surf through, most likely in excess of 200 or more.  Among the many, there will be several sports channels, news channels and children’s channels.  This will delight the entire family in that there will be several options for them all.  Additionally, there is no need to be concerned about your children viewing a television program that you do not wish for them to see because there is also a parental control panel that is offered.

Furthermore, there are other options as well.  For example, On Demand programs are available.  Some are free and others you can watch for a nominal fee.  This can be especially helpful if you have children that only enjoy certain programs or if you wish to see the most recently released movies without ever leaving the comforts of your home.


In general, there are a number of options available to you for your television, telephone and internet needs; however, by considering a bundled cable package of HDTV with DVR, digital telephone and broadband internet you will not be disappointed.  These services, when put together in a bundle, have the highest value and are the most beneficial as far as service and cost.